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Greedfall On The High King’s Trail conclusion

Painting of Vinbarr ascending the mountain

Hello everybody.

Keep following the trail past the campsite and you’ll reach the edge of a cliff where you can look down on the Bridge Alliance interrogating Cera. Siora will say ” we should be discreet ” and a cut scene will play. After the cut scene you have to free Cera. Siora wants to go right away and Petrus suggests waiting till night and free her discreetly. If you go right away they’ll stop you and when you ask them to release Cera the options will be, threaten them, intuition 2, or fight them.

If you threaten them and tell them that because you intervened in the coup the Governor will listen to you and you could have them thrown in jail. This won’t work because they’ll say the Governor is too far away and you’ll now have 2 choices, intuition or fight them.

If you have intuition 2 you can get them to leave and then you can free Cera.

If you fight them there will be five around where Cera is and another four after you release Cera and are leaving the camp.

I waited till nightfall and went around the back way. There are 2 guards that I took out. At night all of the guards around Cera are asleep so if you sneak you can free her without waking anybody up.

Now follow Cera to the cave of knowledge and explore the four paintings. Collect the loot at the second painting. When all of the paintings have been examined and you mention Constantin to Cera she becomes suspicious and makes up an excuse to leave the cave locking you in as she leaves.

You’ll have to find another way to get out of the cave. To the left of the last painting is a passageway that leads out. Once outside keep going straight down the big hill and you’ll find the traps Cera left to try to stop you from following. I said in the video that by freeing Cera discreetly she would return to the camp and get her revenge, leaving more traps for you to pick up. As it turns out even if you fight the Bridge Alliance you won’t lose reputation and for some reason there are traps there even though you, with help from Cera, took everybody out.

Having said all that, if you have lock pick 2 or armour that will give you that, collect all the traps. Now return to the campsite and backtrack all the way to where the skill alter was, there were beasts along the way but if you don’t want to fight them you can run by all of them. Turn right at the skill alter location and follow that path to the end and enter the cave of knowledge. That brings the quest to an end.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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