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Greedfall On The High King’s Trail part 1

Warrior King Armour

Hello everybody.

In this video I talk to Dunncas and end up at the Warrior King Amour location.

To start this quest you can talk to either Derdre, Ullan or Dunncas.

I started by talking to Dunncas in the village of Vigyigidaw, he’ll tell you what happened the last time he saw Vinbarr and suggests that you go to Wenshavarr and see if anyone there knows where to find Vinbarr.

When I traveled to the Rocky Steps from Dunncas’s village I landed on the west road. From the landing spot take the path to the northeast on your left and follow it taking out the beasts and collecting the loot along the way. Take the next left and on your left you should see an opening in the rocks, this is where a skill alter is. Turn left again as you exit the cave and follow this path, you’ll run into 3 beasts and you should see a tall rock with a log bridge in front of you. Take out the beasts and go up the path on your right and over the bridge. Keep following this path, when you get to a fork in the path there will be a box on your left, that I almost missed containing the Great Obsidian axe. In front of you will be a gap to jump over and a chest on the little island. Return and turn left and you’ll come to a ledge, you should see an indication of loot a short distance in front. Jump down and collect the loot, this is one of professor Serafeddins’s notes, this is also the location of the sanctuary.

Now backtrack and you’ll end up on the path that you came on, when you get to the main path turn left and there will be a group of beast in the way. The combat area seems to be small because when I went outside of the area the beasts reset their armour and health, so even though Siora and Petrus were fighting them as soon as I tried to join the beasts reset. To avoid this from happening in a situation like this let Siora and Petrus fight and just stay where you are and use your gun or bombs. Keep following the path until you see a couple of stone markers and ore, that I missed, on your right. There is a path on the right just passed stone markers that leads to a campsite.

Return to the main path and turn right. There will be 2 beasts on the other side of the stream that you can sneak by if you want. Keep following the path and you’ll cross the stream again, there will be a group of beasts on the other side. There is a path on your left that leads to the area where the warrior king armour is but you can’t climb the cliff so keep going around to the left and there will be a path that leads to the ledge that you can climb. To the left of the ledge is a group of beast and another note from the professor. When I tried to climb the ledge the Nadaig was too close and I automatically went into combat mode. Later I thought that if I had crouched down I might’ve been able to climb. In the end I got there, it just to some time.

This is a Nadaig Magamen. He has a spear and these are his attacks, he’ll try to stab you into the ground with it, he’ll throw it at you, he’ll swing it around and knock you down, he’ll stab forward with it. Through the entire fight both of my companions remained conscious and it wasn’t very hard to get away from him. The warrior king armour is in the chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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