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Greedfall On The High King’s Trail part 2

Wenshavarr Villager

Hello everybody.

Before I went to the village I exited the battle site to the south the same way I came in. The first path on the right will take you to another path, turning left will take you down to an area where there are 3 beasts on the beach. Taking them out can be tricky because they’re able to swing around quickly and strike you with their tale, so it’s best to use ranged weapons in particular magic traps or phails, they work well against these beasts. The individual on the beach has some coins and potions so you could just avoid this area, there’s easier ways to get coins and potions.

On the way to the village keep your eye open for ore which is scattered around this area of the island. There are 2 people to talk to in the village, they’ll tell you of the High Kings mate and the cave of knowledge. Leave the village the way you came, past the campsite and right when you get to the path. Just across the stream turn left and follow that path collecting the ore along the way. You’ll have to take out the 2 beasts in order to climb the ledge.I was able to land a stealth hit and although I didn’t use it magic deals quite a bit of damage to them. Eventually you’ll arrive at the second campsite.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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