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Greedfall Promises Set In Stone

Discussing the broken stone

Hello everybody.

This is the second companion quest with Siora. This quest becomes available after the Trial of The Waters quest, all you have to do is talk to Siora to get things started.

The quest takes place in The Red Woods so travel to the village of Vedrhais. When you arrive go talk to the missionaries. They claim that Siora’s mother agreed to renounce her beliefs in exchange for support against the Alliance. Siora doesn’t believe them but they say the her mother had an engraver write the agreement in stone. The conversation will get heated but before anything happens you decide to go find the stone.

From the village travel point travel to the Camp Near Vigyigidaw. From there follow the road in a westerly direction. There is a beast hidden in the trees on the right on top of the hill that you could sneak by if you want, and after that there will be a group of beasts at the bottom of the hill so keep to the left until you get to a ledge that you can jump down and follow that trail to the campsite. There’s a chest on a cliff on the left if you have vigor 3 and some ore on the right.

The stone is just passed the campsite surrounded by bandits. If you are patient you can take them all out with stealth. With the bandits eliminated examine the stone.

Next travel back to the village and search the workshop of the Keeper of Promises. The workshop is destroyed but you find a sample of his work and Siora knows that the he came from another clan so go back to the travel point in the village and travel to the Village of Vigyigidaw and talk to Dunncas. He confirms the the engraver did return but Dunncas couldn’t take him back because he disagreed with the clan’s stance with the renaigse. Dunncas tells you the the engraver is hiding in the woods south of the village. Follow the path down to the lower part of the village, hang a right and out of the village. Exit through the stone archway and keep following the path until you reach a ledge you can jump down from . Keep to the left and you should see a ledge to climb. The engraver will be at the end of this trail

When you are talking to Caradeg and tell him that the stone had been destroyed he tells you that he keep a piece of bark that had all the details on it. He however doesn’t want to give it to you and I had 2 choices, offer him to join the rebels or threaten him. To offer him the rebels you need intuition 2. If you threaten him you’ll get the bark but your reputation with Siora and the natives will go down -1. Intuition will increase your reputation by +1.

When Siora reads the bark there is nothing in the agreement about the spirits of the people or renouncing their traditions, just a simple you help us and we’ll help you. Now you can go directly back to the village. When you appear go talk to the missionaries first, if you don’t you will fail the objective to confront them, and then go talk to Eseld, once she is briefed you’ll automatically appear in the missionary camp. Eseld tells them to leave but they don’t want to so I had 3 choices , charisma, ask Petrus to intervene or threaten. If you threaten you’ll have to fight them, and they are pretty heavily armored and you ‘ll lose reputation with Theleme and Petrus, If you use charisma you’ll lose reputation with Theleme and if you ask Petrus you’ll lose reputation with Theleme. Which ever you chose you’ll gain reputation with the natives and Siora. Once the missionaries agree to leave the quest comes to an end. You’ll earn 1300 xp

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