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Greedfall Quest For A Panacea part 1


Hello everybody.

This is part one of the main quest Quest For A Panacea.

This quest is started by talking to Daren the chief of the village in The Valley Of The Great Battle. This is the same village that the Bridge Alliance scientists were being held in the Scholars In The Expedition.

Travel to the Valley Of The Great Battle Didgidensen camp, from there take the path to the east and follow your compass to the village. You will meet a group of beast along the way so take them out and keep going to the village. When you enter the village you will be stopped by natives and a cut scene will play after which you will be allowed to enter. Go in and enter Daren’s hut a little cut scene will play, when it ends you can either try to convince her, use intuition, or use force. If you use force you’ll have to fight everyone in the hut and you’ll lose reputation. If you try to convince her talk about the horrors of the sickness first, then propose trading the remedy for a peace treaty and finally give your word and she’ll tell you where the Tierna Harh Cadachtas is. I had intuition available so that’s what I used. After your meeting leave the camp and run to the east past the beasts and you’ll reach the travel point in the trail. Travel to The Ancient Woods. Once you land follow the path in a westerly direction and you’ll find a campsite. Just to the east of the campsite is a trail so turn left and follow it to the village. There are 3 people in the village that you can talk to. Talk to the first person you see as you enter the village, she’ll try to get rid of you so insist when the option appears and she will eventually ask you to find Padir who is missing. Head back the way you came and just past the white rocks turn left and go over the hill and Padir will be sitting down by the river. He’ll tell you that he has lost his sight so offer to help him find the herbs. The berries and flowers are around Padir and the mushrooms are across the river and to the left. Give Padir the herbs and return to the village. When the native asks what took him so long you could choose either option but in keeping with Padirs wishes I chose to make up a story. You are now welcome in the village. The next native to talk to is the hunter just beyond the first native you talked to. The hunter won’t tell you anything and he’s busy getting ready for the great hunt. Offer to help and he’ll tell you that there are bells along the hunting path that keep the animals away that are in need of repair. Head out of the village on the path that you came on, keep following in an easterly direction. Go over the river and when you get to the stone gateway turn left and go through it. Now you are on the hunting trail. Follow the trail to the right and you should see a ledge to climb. Climb up and follow the trail and you’ll reach the first bells to be repaired. After you examine the bells the option to repair them should appear. Continue following the trail around to the left up another ledge keeping left and the second bell will be on a little hill. Keep going this time jump down and follow the trail around to the left and you see the 3rd bell location is at a 3 way intersection. The last set of bells is to the left, down the hill and on the inside of the stone structure. It’s guarded by 3 beast which depending on how they are all situated you should be able to use the stealth attack on all 3 of them. With all of the bells repaired you have to return to the hunter so go back up to the 3rd bell location turn left and jump down the ledge, you should see the entrance that you came in through. Go back out turn right and follow the trail all the way back to the village and talk to the hunter. With these 2 tasks done you have gained the trust of the village. That’s the end of part 1.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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