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Greedfall Quest For A Panacea part 2


Hello everybody.

In this second part I find the other 2 campsites and 2 skill alters.

I start this part by talking to Ongos, and because you earned the trust of the village by helping Padir and repairing the bells for the hunt he’ll tell you the location of the mistress of wisdom. He also needs help. He has lost his sacred seal however I think this is optional because you’ll still learn the location of the sacred Bosque but because I’m going on a tour of sorts I offer to find Ongos’s seal.

The first stop on the tour is the sacred seal so head out of the village in an easterly direction and just before the bridge turn right and follow the path along the river and there will be 3 beasts in the area of the seal. Depending how they are situated you should be able to get the seal and not engage the beasts at all.

Next stop will be the campsite. Go back to the main path, turn right and go over the bridge. Continue in an easterly direction and just past the entrance to the hunting trails you’ll come to a clearing, if you stay on the path on the right that will take you around to the campsite, if you go to the left that’ll bring you to a cliff that requires vigor 3 to climb up to the campsite.

Next will be the chest so from the campsite follow the path down, turn left and follow the path in a northerly direction. Just after the ledge you climb, the path will go through 2 trees and on the other side there will be flying beasts ( Dosantats ). If you sneak through the trees and keep to the right you’ll see the ledge just past the big rocks that are kind of in the middle of the clearing. Climb the ledge and continue north and you’ll find the cliff that leads to the chestc, this one you will need vigor 3 to climb.

Next will be the first of the skill alters. Backtrack to the first little ledge jump down turn right and sneak( if you don’t want to fight) in a southerly direction. You’ll come to a ledge that you have to jump down, keep following the path until you come to a fork in the path, take the one to the right. This path will lead to the skill alter but the path winds around a bunch of traps, if you are sneaking the traps won’t go off.

Next I’m traveling back to Ongos to give him the his seal. From the skill alter backtrack to the main path and go right, follow the path until you get to a clearing and the campsite will be on the left. From the campsite travel back to the village and Ongos will be just to the right.

Next is the Sacred Bosque. To the left of the travel point there are 3 stones marking a path. Follow the path until you get to a big cliff with some red bushes in front and then turn right and follow that path to the passage between the rocks. The Mistress of Wisdom is sleeping with some lewolans and a cut scene will play. Mev doesn’t want to help and runs away leaving you to deal with the 3 lewolans.

Next is the second skill alter. There is a path that goes to the left as you enter through the rocks that leads to the skill alter but there are a group of Dosantats that are guarding the way. I was able to sneak by them to get to the skill alter. Now backtrack to the clearing, on the other side of the big tree is a path that leads up the mountain and as you go forward you should see that you have discovered the root door path. The path winds it’s way up the mountain with ore to be collected and a couple of ledges to climb and you’ll eventually you’ll arrive at a campsite.

Next is the root door so climb the ledge follow the path to the root door area. There are at least 4 tenlans guarding and I’m not sure if you can sneak up on them. I just took them out.

The quest ends as you approach the root door. You’ll earn 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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