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Greedfall Rescuing Constantine

Constantine behind me.

Hello everybody

In this video I go and talk to the Captain and activate the cabin boy, the heretics and the Constantine quests.

Finding Constantine isn’t listed with the side quests but the compass guides you to the tavern. The tavern keeper tells of a brawl that broke out and wrecked his furniture. You can either repair the furniture or pay him 25 coin, which is what I did. The tavern keeper tells you that the ” dangerous fellows” that have Constantine have a store house a few street away.

After talking with the tavern keeper the location of the storehouse is now displayed on your compass. From the tavern turn right go until you can turn right again. Go all the way to the end and turn left and you’ll see the compass marker. A cut scene now plays and you hear Constantine inside the building to your left. Kurt suggests sneaking past the ruffians so I followed his advice. Go around the building to the left and you’ll come to a set to stairs, keep going until you get to the wall that you can climb on the right. Climb up and sneak to the door and inside. There’s one room downstairs with some loot and a locked box so if you have the lock pick skill you’ll be able to open it. Down the ladder is a set of keys and some loot and you could leave through the door if you wanted to avoid the ruffians outside.

Constantine is upstairs in the locked room on the left so open it either with the key which is in the first room on the left or pick the lock. When you open the door a cut scene will start. After the cut scene you can change Constantine’s armor and put the old embroidered doublet on him. I already had Constantine’s armor but if you don’t have it it’s in a chest in the room across from the room that Constantine was locked up in. There’s loot in every room upstairs.

I left through the same door I entered and since there were now 3 of us we took care of the ruffians outside.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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