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Greedfall Saint and Wild

de Sardet talking to Eugenia

Hello Everybody

In this video I return to the camp and present my findings to Eugenia.

Before going to Eugenia I stopped at the campsite and modified the Ceremonial Armor, in particular to have to most magic resistance. This will help you when you have to fight the Ordo Luminis. Now with new armor donned return to the camp and talk to Eugenia. You’ll have to decide whether to reveal the truth or hide it and keep the relics. I suppose if you keep the relics the fight with the Ordo Luminis wont happen. When the conversation ends Virgil and the Ordo Luminis show up and want the relics so they can destroy them. The area where the fight takes place is big so you can go outside of the camp if you need to recover and this makes the fight a lot easier.

After the battle you have to travel back to San Matheus and make the Mother Cardinal aware of the new findings. I traveled from the campsite just outside the camp and slept before traveling, by the time I got to the residence it was time to see the Cardinal but I slept until dawn just so it was light out when I went to the palace. The Cardinal will ask you about your findings so you’ll have 3 things to talk about. After you are finished she’ll say it could all be to weaken them so now my choices were charisma 50%, suggest she visit the cave but I need 3 intuition for that and be angered about her suspicion. My charisma was enough to sway her but Bishop Domitius objects and wants to bury the findings. There are 2 more choices to make when it’s time to mention something you could mention Virgil’s role in the attack or the attack of the Ordo Luminis, I chose the latter. Then the last choice is when the Cardinal asks you if you want to add anything after Petrus and Siora have spoken and they are, mention the revelations of Saint Lucius, or the weight of such a secret, I chose the former. The Cardinal will make her decision and in the end you’ll earn 2200 xp and receive a gift in your chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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