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Greedfall Scholars in the expedition conclusion

Meeting after the rescue

Hello everybody

In this video I sneak into the ruins and lead the scholars to safety.

From the roof of the structure go down the stairs and continue straight and wait beside the partial wall that’s on your right until the islander starts to walk away and then cross over to the left and go along the partial wall, there should be another islander that moves and makes a gap to go through, even though he’s facing forward he shouldn’t see you. Continue along with the wall on your right and cross the road, go down the stairs and then up to the right. Go behind the dome structure and continue as far as you can go and you should be behind the ruins on the far right of the map. Continue with the wall on your left , at the end of the wall you’ll see a set of stairs ahead and to the left . When the Islander starts to walk away go over to the stairs and start climbing. At the top of the stairs there will be a ruin in front of you and a ruin to the right. Go around the ruin in front to the right and on the inside corner will be a chest with the key to the lockup. Continue on the inside of the ruin, watching for islanders, until the end and the there will be a set of stairs to your right. The lockup is down the stairs, when you open the door a cut scene will play when it ends you have to lead them out of the ruins. Back track to where you found the key and you’ll see a ladder in front of you. Climb up the ladder and there will be a wooden catwalk that will bring you around to a mountain trail that takes you out of the ruins. Now make your way back to the campsite. When you climb the ledge just before the campsite there will be 3 islanders waiting for you so you’ll have to fight them. When you beat them you’ll have the option to spare them or finish them off. I spared them. When you reach the campsite there will be a brief discussion and the quest is completed when you go inform Governor Burhan that the scholars have been rescued. You’ll gain 1900xp and your reputation with the bridge alliance will go to +2 and there will be something in your storage chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming.

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