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Greedfall Scholars in the expedition part 2

Islanders in the swamp

Hello everybody

In this video I travel from the isolated camp to the Didgidesen camp where the scholars are being held.

From the isolated camp you have to go back to the main camp and follow your compass into the swamp. There you’ll find 2 islanders of the tribe that has the scholars locked up. I had Siora talk to them and they told us that they are being held in the ruins and how to get into it. When you start toward the ruins you find a bottle floating in the water and a cut scene starts. When the cut scene ends Aphra will lead you to the ruins. There is one group of beasts so deal with them as you please. At the ruins on the right side wall is a small passage way but you’ll have to have intuition level 2 to enter. I didn’t have what was needed to enter that way so I went around to the left side, but before I went into the ruins I went to the skill alter that was on the far left side of the map. There is a group of beasts down there but I sneaked past on the way to the skill alter and took them out on the way back. To enter the ruins there is a ledge to climb up onto and then a ramp that brings you up onto the roof of one of the structures. That’s where this video ends.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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