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Greedfall Searching For Constantin also 2 contracts

No Constantin

Hello everybody.

To start this quest go visit Constantin. When you get arrive there will be a crowd with the former governor questioning 2 guards about the whereabouts of Constantin. After the cut scene and a series of questions you learn that Constantin is missing, so return to the residence and travel to The Vale Of The Great Battle, Camp Of The Stone Arch. From the campsite travel south and hang a right just before the beasts, and up the little hill Constantin’s campsite will be at the top . After examining the items in the camp continue south and follow the tracks. The next area is a sacred place where rituals are preformed and it has dead beast and soldiers all around. Examine the site and collect all the loot. Keep following the tracks, the next battle site has some trees on fire and 4 beasts to loot. Just past this area is a ledge to climb but this time there are 5 Ulgs that are alive and have to be dealt with. The area on top of the ledge is another battle site with dead beasts and soldiers. Examine the site and collect all the loot. Keep following the tracks until you reach a ledge to jump down from. This is the last battle site but it’s guarded by 2 Andrigs. It is possible to take them out by stealth. Examine the site and collect all the loot, this time you find Constantin’s sack, some vials for native potions( pick these up ) and a letter on one of the deceased soldiers indicating that the troop came form a Bridge Alliance outpost close by.

When you’re finished at the last site travel to Wenshaveye. I backtracked to where the trees where on fire but instead of going straight I turned and followed the path on the left which takes you down to the area below the last battle site. There is some loot a number of beasts there but you could just run past if you don’t want to fight them. Now you should see the smoke from the campsite. Setup the campsite and travel to The Singing Waters and to the village of Wenshaveye. Question Aidan about where the Catasach and Constantin are, he’ll say he doesn’t know where they are and doesn’t know how to help. This is where the vials come in, give him the vials and he’ll examine them. It turns out that they are not Catasach’s but someone else’s.

Travel back to the Alliance outpost camp in The Vale Of The Great Battle. The outpost is at the end of the road to the north. You’ll have to question Captain Idris, he’s not willing to tell you everything so of the 3 options that I had only the gold made him tell the whole story and the fact that there’s a survivor of the attacks on the cliff top, so when you’re done talking to the captain go up to the infirmary and talk to the nurse. The survivor is not conscience and the infirmary doesn’t have the any stock left and it looks like the survivor is going to die. The nurse will give you a recipe for some potion that the survivor needs , there is a crafting table in the camp and the recipe will be listed with your quest items( sovereign potion against burns) so craft the potion and give it to the nurse. Now you’ll have to wait for 24 hours.

In the mean time I did the 2 contracts, Missing Scout and Kill the group of bandits, which are on the board at the entrance to the camp. The nearest place to travel from is the campsite. The 2 locations for the contracts are both in The Vale Of The Great Battle, the first location is the smoldering river camp. From there go down into the swamp and there will be a mini boss guarding a fallen soldier. This mini boss doesn’t move very fast so it’s easy to get behind her where you do more damage. I said it was Captain Collard but actually it doesn’t say who it is just that he’s wearing a Major’s collared armour and he also has a key. Now onto the bandits who are just to the west over the hill and then on your right. There was only 4 of them and I was able to get one by stealth.

Now back to the campsite and travel to Didgidensen camp for the missing scout. From the campsite take the path to the east that leads down. When you get to the bottom, there will be beasts on your right that you could run by if you wanted, follow the path west past the rebel camp and the missing scout will be just to the left of the ledge.

Now travel back to the outpost campsite. To the east of the campsite is a wooden structure, climb the 2 ladders and with the key that was on the fallen soldier in the swamp open the chest that contains the rest of the major collared armour.

Now take a couple of naps and go back to the outpost and talk to the survivor, a cut scene will play as the survivor retells what happened on the cliff top when the Catasach and Constantin were attacked.

To finish the quest go back and talk to Captain Idris. You’ll earn 2000 xp and automatically follow The Dead Man’s Voice quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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