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Greedfall serene Boss before sailing

The creature breaks loose

Hello everybody

I this video I battle the creature from the ship.

When you ask the captain for permission to board he say’s “follow me” but all is not as it seems. As you follow the captain down the ramp there will be a chest with some ammo and health and fury potion, you’ll need these. As you approach the ship a cut scene starts and when it ends you’ll be face to face with the creature. If you are like me and haven’t quite got the hang of controlling your character this will be a crash course and will seem out of place with the game so far.

As soon as you are able to move you have to try and dodge the steel rods that the creature is throwing, if you can dodge the first couple then you’ll be in good shape. The strategy I tried to use is to shoot it whenever I could and at the same time try to stay behind it. The creature will constantly turn and try to face you and it’ll sweep the ground and some times it will lunge at you to try to take you out. I only used my pistol and although I got hit once I was able to beat the creature.

If you don’t success at first keep trying, you’ll get it.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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