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Greedfall Serene Missing Cabin Boy part 2


Hello everybody

In this video I talk to Mrs Fontaine and find out where Jonas is being held.

The Fontaine residence is just past the Theleme embassy. When you talk to Lady Fontaine you learn that Jonas is their son and has been given to the Nuats as part of a contract so you go to the captain and then the professor to verify what Lady Fontaine told you. When you make a second trip to the Fontaine house you discover a note on the dresser about Mr Fontaine and his clerk working at the warehouse for a few days. You’ll find Mr Fonataine and 2 guards downstairs in the warehouse so if you decide to fight them it’ll be an even fight. What ever you decide he’ll either give you the key or you loot it off his body and then it’s just a matter of going to Jonas’s cell and letting him out.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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