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Greedfall Serene the charlatan

The Charlatan

Hello everybody

In this video Kurt and I investigate the vendor selling ” health potions “

The charlatan is not hard to find just follow your compass. After speaking to him Kurt suggests that you take a look at the vendor’s cart which is around to the right and through a steel gate. If you are quick enough you can go in and get the phial from his stock without having to fight the ruffians. I could’ve just left but I stayed and Kurt and I took care of the ruffians and collected all the loot from them and the boxes in the back.

Back out front you give the vendor his own bottle and ask him to drink it. He fakes drinking it and escapes to the tavern. You can find him upstairs so after reading the letter on his dresser and talking with him I decided to help him leave the town. There are a few different ways to help him,

1.You could sneak out the back and escort him back to his cart. I tried this and found that I couldn’t get to the cart without being seen and having to fight my way there.

2. Go out front and talk to the mob and offer them real health potions, at the time I only had 3 of the 6 needed and not enough coin to buy the rest.

3. You could order them to disperse which leads to fighting the mob.

4. Tell them there are horrible side effects and they’ll have to go to see a Doctor to get the antidote. This is the option I chose.

When you tell Dr. Sahin you can either confront him on his lie or tell him that the charlatan escaped. I did the latter and collected 50 coin and 1000xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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