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Greedfall Settling The Score

Major Hermann

Hello everybody

This is another quest you can do after the Treason quest.

To get the quest started talk to Kurt. He wants to go after his former commander who was one of the main characters in the coup attempt. The first stop on the mission is to go and see Commander Sieglinde who is upstairs in the coin guard barracks. She’ll give you a letter for the Corporal of the jail.

When you arrive in San Matheus go to the main square and talk to Aloysius. Although I brought Petrus along he didn’t say a word to Aloysius, he agrees to help but he can’t arrest him publicly so you’ll have to deliver Hermann to the jail . Next is the Corporal in the jail. He’ll help you after he reads the letter from Sieglinde but he doesn’t want any of his men to see the Major being brought to the jail so you’ll need 3 doses of sleeping potion, I don’t think you can buy the sleeping potion in San Matheus so you can either use the crafting table in your residence or the entrance to the square. To craft them click on quest items and sleeping potion should be one of the options. After you give the Corporal the sleeping potions go upstairs and question the Lieutenants. As you enter the area there will be one soldier highlighted, talk to him and all of the soldiers will leave so only the 2 Lieutenants remain. Once you beat up the Lieutenants they’ll tell you that Hermann is in a warehouse down on the port. The warehouse is just before the port, there will be a set of stairs on your right that leads to where Hermann is hiding. This time you’ll have to defeat everybody there. You’ll get Hermann’s key to open the chest which contains the Commanders armor set. On the table is Major Hermann’s journal. The quest ends when you leave the warehouse, you’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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