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Greedfall start to the charletan and the heritics quests

Cardinal Atonius

Hello everybody

In this video I get the heretic and charlatan quest on the books.

After you speak with Kurt the option to add him to the team will appear so that’s what I did. Before heading down into the town I went into the alley on the right, Brocade Quarter, and took care of the ruffians. It’s tricky when there are 2 or more ruffians coming at you. Seems like you can only take one strike at them after blocking so you can’t be too aggressive.

To get to the Cardinal you go down the ramp, then a set of stairs, straight to another set of stairs down around to the left to another set of stairs down and to the right through a partially open wooden double doors. Turn left and his door is just down on the left. The Cardinal will ask you to arrest a group of heretics.

Back out front of the Cardinal’s turn right go past the the big fire and right up the next set of stairs to the Ambassador’s office. The Ambassador will ask you to arrest a charlatan passing himself off as an alchemist.

That’s it you now have two side quests to do.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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