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Greedfall Stolen Cargo mission

Bandit steps on a poison trap

Hello everybody

In this video I eliminate the bandits and get the stolen cargo.

The mission is posted in the alliance outpost and all it says about the location is that the bandits are hiding near the ruins inside the native territory. Using the campsite Did E Kiden Nadaigeis, which is close to where the battle of the red spears took place, as a reference the location is to the left in the grove of trees. Just past the grove of trees there are some Dosantats so you can either take them out or not, sometimes they get involved in your battle with the bandits.

The bandits will only spawn once you get close. The approach I took was to take some armor ointment and some fury oil and then just run in and start fighting. I used 1 poison trap right away and I went for the gunner first, there is a second gunner but this time around he wasn’t a problem. Like I say in the video ” The best defense is a strong offense ” . Sometimes the direct approach works best.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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