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Greedfall Sub Rosa quest

Native Guide

Hello everybody.

This quest is continued from The Spy From Theleme quest.

When you free the native he agrees to talk to you about Alba but wants to go back to his village to heal first, so you don’t have to wait you can go there right away. Although you could run to the village if you go back to the travel point on the road to the right the village will be highlighted and you can fast travel. The guide will be north of the travel point in the village. The guide will eventually show you where Alba is hiding so go back to the travel point and travel to the Camp near the water. From the Camp travel east past the sleeping beasts until you reach The Glade, turn right and follow the path down to the cave. The cave is guarded by 1 spitting Tenlan, 1 Yorglan, and 3 Tenlans. They do quite a lot of damage so it’s best to keep your distance and use your gun if you get into trouble. Keep going into the cave, the ladder on the right leads up to a chest, I had explored this cave previously so the chest was empty. At the end of the cave you’ll find Alba up on and elevated section but she’s been killed by the beasts. Alba’s journal details Ruben’s treachery so go back to the Camp near the water and fast travel to the Port Quarter in New Serene, this brings you right to the Admiral and when she hears what Ruben did she wants you to find solid proof before she acts against Ruben, and that’s the next quest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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  1. Sin Shadow Fox February 8, 2022

    If you fully complete the main quest the suffering of Constantine before starting sub rosa then alba will be alive and will testify against Ruben.

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