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Greedfall The Admiral’s Secret Service quest

Captain Ruben

Hello everybody

This quest is started by talking to the Admiral, she’ll tell you that Captain Ruben suspect’s there is a spy in his ranks.

First thing to do is question Captain Ruben who is at the end of the port to the left of the Admiral, then you’ll have to question the 3 crew members that you met at the beginning of the game. Lauro suggest looking in the tavern. When you get to the tavern there will be an argument in progress, you can either intervene or not. Talk to the guard at the top of the stairs and he’ll tell you to talk to the soldier who is by the bar. The soldier on leave will eventually tell you of a dead drop just outside of town. Leave the tavern, go straight and the left out the gate. Across the bridge there will be an area to the left where you will the rock. After you find the dead drop go a little further down the road and up to a cliff on the left overlooking the dead drop and wait for ” the spy ” to come. When he leaves follow him and confront the representative of the Alliance. He wont want to tell you anything so my charisma was at 75% and it worked in the video but it doesn’t always work so if you have to threaten him that will work but you’ll lose reputation with the Alliance. He’ll give you the message so now all that’s left is to go report to the Admiral. The quest ends with you earning 1300xp and a gift in your chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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