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Greedfall The Battle of the Red Spears conclusion

Eseld and Sioria

Hello everybody

In this video I enter the battlefield ,fight along side of Siora’s people and heal the survivors.

Before I went onto the battlefield I took some armor ointment and some fury potion. I always go for the gunner first and taking the armor ointment minimized the damage from the first shot that I received before I was able to take the gunner out. The fury potion gave me multiple fury strikes so that made quick work of the alliance forces.

After the battle you’ll have to convince Eseld to stop fighting and return to the village. I had a 1 in intuition so I was able to tell her about the ritual of death. If you don’t convince her you’ll have to fight.

Now you have to go around and look for wounded and heal them. There are 5 of them around the battlefield. As you search Siora will tell you when you are close to one and a marker will appear above them. You have a time limit to do it but it’s plenty of time to cover all of the battlefield. All of the survivors are in the lower part.

With the survivors healed go up to where the banner is and a cut scene will start. The wounded alliance soldier will beg for mercy so it’s up to you what to do, I spared him and he told us that the Queen had been taken.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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