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Greedfall The Battle of the Red Spears part 2

De Sardet

Hello everybody

In this video I enter Siora’s village and start to make my way to the battle.

As you enter the village there will be a merchant on your left. When ever I talk to a merchant I always check to see if they have any quest items to buy and if so I buy them. In this case they had a censer used for funerals.

When I get to the main lodge I learn that the queen has already gone to wage a war so Siora wants to go to the battle field immediately.

The path to the battle field is on the right as you exit the lodge and is marked with red flags. As you get to the top of the hill you’ll come to a fork in the trail. Siora will ask you to take the left because it’s a shorter route. Take her advice and go left. Below the first drop there will be 4 beasts you can either take them out or run past them. A little further down the trail there are a group of 5 beasts. If you don’t want to fight this group I think you will be able to sneak past them. You will have to be in non combat mode to be able to climb up to go to the battle field.

I try to keep Siora awake because she’ll heal you every now and then.

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