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Greedfall The Dead Man’s Voice


Hello everybody.

To start the quest travel to the Vale Of The Great Battle, the Didgidensen Camp. You have to talk to chief Daren in the rebel camp so from the campsite take the path to the east that goes down to the area below. There will be beasts at the bottom so it’s up to you to fight them or run past. When you get to the bottom take the path to the west and the rebel camp will be a short distance on the right. When you talk to Daren about Constantin’s capture and the massacre of his escorts and tell her that a witness places her on the battle field, you will have 2 options, menace them or convince them to speak. Both will work but if you menace them you’ll lose reputation with the natives. I convinced them to speak and Daren revealed that they have the body of Catasach but they don’t know where Constantin is. They agree to let you examine the body which is in the east side of the camp. After the examination Daren tells you that there is a magical rite that lets the person preforming it relive the last moments of Catasach’s life. The person that can preform this ritual is Mev so travel the The Ancients’ Woods, the village of Vigshashir. You’ll appear right outside her door. She’ll agree to help so you have to bring her the necessary ingredients. She needs a potion, organ’s of the scavengers at the battle field and Catasach’s weapon.

Now you have revisit the battle field so travel to the Alliance Outpost Camp in the Vale Of The Great Battle. From the campsite take the road to the south west and when you get the broken carts on the road turn right and follow the path back up around to the right to the cliff where Catasach died. There will be at least 4 Yorglans there. These are the beast that you have to collect their organs for the ritual. Catasach’s weapon will be at the end of the area. Now the closest camp to the where the ritual will take place is the Didhidensen camp in The Vale Of The Great Battle so travel there and craft the potion which is listed with your quest items, potion for the anatelas fer ritual.

Now take the path to the east again and go past the rebel camp until the path turns right and you see a ledge in front of you. The place of ritual will be on your left. When you arrive Mev will ask you for the elements for the ritual, give them to her and if it’s not late enough you’ll have the option to wait with her and the cut scene of her doing the ritual will start.

It turns out that it was the high king Vinbarr who killed Catasach and took Constantin so now you have to find the high king. This quest officially comes to and end later in the game because it’s connected to the On The Trail Of The High King quest but the quest is virtually over.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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