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Greedfall The Enemy Within quest

Dealing with Captain Ruben

Hello everybody.

This quest follows the Sub Rosa quest.

The quest is started by interviewing the 3 crew members who are at the end of the pier by the ship. Lauro tells you that Captain Ruben spends a lot of time at the tavern so go to the tavern and question Gretchen who will be just to the left as you enter the tavern. She admits that Ruben is a regular but won’t reveal any details. To get her to talk you have 2 options that don’t involve threats. I offered her a position as a courtesan but you could also bribe her with 100 coin. She tells you that Ruben had big plans to become somebody very important and very rich.

Now you have to follow Captain Ruben so take a nap until night time if you have to and go wait for him behind the tattoo artist that’s across from the Admiral . Captain Ruben will slowly makes his way to the Eastern gate and across the bridge to the same rock that was used as a dead drop. You have an option to intervene on the spot or wait to see what he puts in the box. If you intervene on the spot you won’t know who he is selling secrets to. The box contains a message that there will be a meeting there tonight. When you report this to the Admiral she’ll want to come with you to witness the meeting. I tried to fast travel but it’s not available so you have to run all the way back to the cliff that overlooks the meeting place.

The Admiral can’t wait for the meeting to finish and charges down and begins to fight, there is a gunner in the group but ti didn’t prove to be too difficult. The Admiral is wounded and goes back to the port. The buyer had a contract sealed by the coin guard and Captain Ruben had his journal to sell.

All that’s left is to go talk to the Admiral to close the quest. You’ll earn 2200 xp and receive a healing necklace in your chest.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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