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Greedfall The Princes Secret part 1

Admiral Cabral

Hello everybody.

In this video I do a service for Admiral Cabral in exchange for information.

The quest is started when you ask Admiral Cabral about the Nauts involvement in the colonization of the island. She’ll only give you the information if you go to San Matheus and look into problems they’re having in the port with, as it turns out, the Ordo Luminis.

Once you arrive in San Matheus the first thing to do is head to the port and question Commander Fernando. He tells you they are sinking with problems and that 2 of his men are missing. Next go to the docks and talk to the 2 sailors there. One of them tells you that she was at the tavern with one of the missing men when he disappeared so that’s where you have to go next. As you approach the tavern there is a meeting taking place and if you sneak up the stairs that are on the side, not the front, you’ll overhear what their plans are and that the missing Nauts are being held in the jail at the coin guard barracks. The barracks is not far and easy to find if you follow your compass. The jail is in the basement and the cell is on the right. There is a guard posted there that will stop you so I bribed him and released the sailors. The sailors tell you they were tortured and feared being killed and one of them tells you that you should go and look in the headquarters of the Ordo Luminis. You also have to talk to Bishop Domitius. That’s where part 1 ends.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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