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Greedfall The Princes Secret part 2

de Sardet

Hello Everybody. In this video I talk to Bishop Domitius and investigate his claims.

When you talk to the Bishop he’ll tell you that the pagan nauts use sorcery and they suspect them of being the origin of the malichor. So you agree that these rumors need to be verified.

Go back to the port and talk to Captain Fernando. He’ll talk to you about the Bishops accusations but wont tell you anything about Naut secrets. Go back outside and put on a sailor coat and to the right of the double doors is a wall that you can climb over, go around the back and into the side door and up the stairs. Go through the door to the other side of the building and into the office at the end where there is a note about a secret hanger. Retrace your steps back to where you started just outside Captain Fernando’s office. From there go around to the right and all the way down to the end of the port, turn right and the entrance to the hanger will be on the right. So with the sailor coat still on enter the hanger, there’s 1 piece of equipment on the main floor and 2 upstairs. Make your way to the offices of the Ordo Luminis that’s on the right just before the stairs to the Governors Palace. There is a room upstairs but you’ll have to deal with 4 inquisitors first. In the back room is a document detailing the purification of the Nauts.

Now go back to the Bishop and ask for an audience with the Cardinal. You’ll now have a series of statements to make to the Cardinal and in the end she’ll order the arrest of the members of the Ordo Luminis and thank you for bringing this to her attention.

Travel back to New Serene and tell the Admiral that the Ordo Luminis wont be a problem any longer. She’ll tell you the history of the island and the secret that involves De Sardet. I ended the video here because the next video starts right after this one ends.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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