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Greedfall The Queen’s Farewell

The Queen in the background

Hello everybody.

I this video I help Siora with her mothers funeral ritual.

To get this started talk to Siora a day or two after the Promises set in stone quest.

Travel to the Red Woods and talk to Esled, she will tell Siora that it’s her job to prepare Vasrigen where the funeral ritual will take place. Below is a screen shot of the map.


If you travel to the camp near Vigyigidaw and take the green route you won’t encounter opposition.

If you travel to Did e kiden nadaigeis camp and take the blue route you won’t encounter opposition, however you will need vigor 3 to climb the cliff.

If you travel to Did e kiden nadaigeis camp and take the red route, which looks like the shortest you will encounter bandits and there are beasts just to the left that you might also have to fight.

Whichever way you take, once you arrive you will have to clear 3 separate groups of beasts and destroy 2 nests

The first group of Tenlans, five all together, can be taken out with stealth it just didn’t go that way in the video. The group to the left has 6 including the spitting variety and then when you go to destroy the nest 3 more will pop up 2 more spitting ones and a big ancient one that has a lot of armor.

The group on the right has 6 with at least one spitting kind and the same thing goes for destroying the nest on this side.

Now you can enter the structure where Siora will tell you that you have to craft a couple of things for the ritual, censors and mortuary lotion. Exit the structure and run back to Did e kiden nadaigeis camp, this time I took the red route and on the way I ran into bandits so I got the chance to use the bomb skill. I was wondering if it was worth getting since it took 100% fury to use but I think it is worth getting. I already had some censors in my inventory so all I had to craft was the mortuary lotion. Once you have the items you need you’ll have the option to travel directly to the burial mound. Once you appear all that’s left is to approach the slab that the queen is lying and place the censor and use the potion. Siora will ask you to wait outside.

You’ll both appear outside and she thanks you for helping. That’s it, you’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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