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Greedfall The Sins of Father Petrus

Father Petrus

Hello everybody.

In this video Petrus helps De Sardet search for his family on the island.

To start the quest you have to talk to Father Petrus a couple of days after the Dangerous Bets quest. Petrus suggests talking to the Nauts because they are meticulous record keepers so the first person to talk to is Admiral Cabral, she says she know and old captian in Hikmet that might be able to help but warns De Sardet not to get caught up in the past because nothing good will come of it.

Now travel to Hikmet to your residence, the port is around to the left so follow your compass to Captain Lisandro who will be standing outside. He’ll say he remembers the story of when a native was taking from the island and while on board sailing to Serene gave birth to a child, he wants to help but he wasn’t the captain at the time and he didn’t decide where the ship was moored. Now there’s 2 options you’ll need intuition 2 to use it successfully or you can always offer him money, it’ll cost you 50 coin. After the captain looks at his old log books he’ll tell you that he found a passage that describes the village that De Sardet’s mother came from, so go back to the residence and travel to the Shore Of The Tall Bones and talk to Ullan, yes this is the guy who tricked you and tried to kill the leader from another clan, they say you can’t pick your relatives. Ullan will tell De Sardet what happened when his mother was taken from the island and that there is still one relative alive, De Sardet’s aunt. A search of his aunts hut produces nothing so Petrus suggests talking to the members of the village to see if they know where to find her. Go back outside and talk to the woman that’s standing in front of the neighboring hut. She seems to think the Ullan was trying to play a dirty trick on De Sardet but tells you where to find his aunt.

Follow your compass as you head west, before you get there you’ll run into a group of beasts, you might be able to sneak by, they aren’t very difficult to take care of. Keep going west and you’ll find her being attacked by 2 beasts. Help her defeat the beasts. Afterward she’ll tell you that the beast don’t usually attack her and something must’ve frightened them so maybe Ullan was trying to kill her. She agrees to walk back to the village with you and along the way Petrus tells her De Sardet’s and his mothers story. When you get to the hut a cut scene will play bringing the quest to and end.

You’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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