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Greedfall The Sky’s Teeth

De Sardet going for a ride

Hello everybody.

With the root door open it’s just a matter of running up the path and through the rock passage to confront Vinbarr.

As you enter the sanctuary a cut scene will play. When the cut scene finishes Vinbarr will attack. Try not to take any damage in the first little fight because you’ll start the big fight with whatever health you have left. I was able to parry his strikes and land a couple ,Siora and Petrus did the rest.

When Vinbarr turns into the nadaig he’ll be much harder to defeat. I tried to keep my distance and primarily used my gun. Magic bombs were also effective against Vinbarr. When he swoops you should be able to roll away at the last minute. There is plenty of room here and the tactical pause allowed me to select the action more easily, whether it was bomb, magic healing or throwing a phail.

Along with the swoop attack he’ll also move along the ground very quickly so you have to be careful not get caught.

When Vinbarr gets low on health he started to swoop more. My companions pretty much kept him busy so try to keep them alive to make this fight easier.

Release Constantin and you’ll appear in New Sarene. You’ll earn 2000 xp, you’ll also earn another 2000 xp for the Dead Man’s Voice quest that was started when you were searching for Constantin.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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