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Greedfall The Spy From Theleme

Naut Lookout

Hello everybody.

This quest follows The Admiral’s Secret Service and starts in Theleme.

In Theleme go and talk to Captain Franco in the port and then the Naut Lookout that’s beside the ship down on the docks. After talking to her you now know that Alba’s father visit’s the tavern but you’ll have to wait till night to go there. Alba’s father tells you that he hired an Ordo Luminis sleuth to find his daughter and that he’s tracked Alba to Wenshsaeye, so go back to the residence and travel to Wenshaeye west road. The trail that you want to take is directly to your left as soon as you appear on west road. Follow the trail but take the trail that goes up to the left and you’ll have the option to spy on the sleuth. A cut scene will play and when it’s done go and interrupt the interrogation. You’ll have 3 options so if you don’t want to fight him just let Petrus speak. Once Johannes leaves free the Native Guide. He agrees to talk to you about Alba but he wants to go back to his village and heal first.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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