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Greedfall The Suffering Of Constantin

Catasach and Constantin

Hello everybody.

In this quest I seek help from Hikmet, San Matheus and the village of Wenshaveye.

There are 3 places to visit and the first one is Hikmet so travel to your residence. To find the doctors office turn right as you exit the residence and it’ll be on the left just past the merchant. If it’s nighttime when you go there you will run into a group of bandits who do a lot of damage. As you enter the office you walk into an argument between the doctor and a couple of bandits. They aren’t heavily armored so they are not hard to take out. When you ask the doctor to help Constantin she agrees and leaves immediately because you helped her with the bandits and she wants to return the favor.

Now for some reason San Matheus is only marked with a secondary objective marker so it seems that this is optional, but to fulfill all the objectives with the quest I went there next. Cecilius is in the main square in the north west corner to the left of the merchant in a stall. After speaking with him travel to Wenshaveye.

Catasach’s hut is right in front when you appear in Wenshaveye . As you enter a cut scene will play and give you all the details of what’s going on. The Catasach can’t leave so De Sardet offers to help. De Sardet says he wants to talk to the hunter but the main task is to talk to the missionaries. The missionary camp is west of the village on the right a short distance after the bridge. You have a series of question to ask the missionary and you have to ask them all otherwise the objective marker won’t disappear. When you’re finish speaking with her you conclude that you’ll need to find some leverage to force them to leave, he also suggests searching their belongings but I don’t see how to get past them when they are all standing there. So the leverage will come from another place.

Next go talk to the hunter in the village. Another series of questions and he has a theory about the tenlans but doesn’t want to say. Now I had 3 options insist, propose to help, and talk about the missionaries. Only by offering to help and repairing his weapon will he tell you his theory about the big tenlan that provokes the others and makes them agressive.

There are 2 relatives in the village you have to talk to. The sister is to the south of the hunter on the hill and if you continue past the sisters hut and go follow the path around to the right, over the bridge you’ll see the brother up on the hill. In the video I didn’t quite ask all of the questions but if you do you will conclude that the missing boy and girl were more than just friends. When all the talking is over you can go about destroying the nests. For the first nest backtrack to the bridge and hang a right. The tenlans and nest will be down by the shore. It is possible to take them all out with stealth attacks but it didn’t work out that way in the video. Once you kill all of the tenlans and go near the nest to blow it up 3 more will appear the dominate one included

The second nest is in the north tip of the map so travel to the campsite near the water, I ran to the Wenshaveye campsite but I could’ve traveled from the village. From the campsite travel east avoiding the sleeping tenlans on your left and then a little past the red bush turn north and you should see a dead tree with a big rock to it’s left, go up there and you’ll see a log across the river. You can go around to the right or straight up and then right. Again I failed at the stealth attacks.

Next is the third nest, go back across the log and follow your compass traveling in an easterly direction and you should see a marker glowing beside a big rock on your right. This is the where the boy and girl were attacked. Continue south and follow their trail to the cave, this is the same cave where Alba was hiding in the Sub Rosa quest. When I arrived at where the nest was there were 2 sleeping tenlans and 1 awake spitting tenlan and once again I didn’t manage to take any of them out with stealth. This time when I went near the nest the big white one appeared and it had a lot of armor but with Siora in the group healing from time to time and keeping your distance it can be defeated, use your gun more if you have to. The bodies of the 2 natives are there and the body of a missionary. When you collect the loot you’ll find a note on the body of the missionary detailing their use of tenlans to try to scare the natives into converting.

The fourth nest is not marked on your map so go back to the campsite near the water and follow the path in a westerly direction past where the Nadaig Frasamen was, or is if you haven’t fought it yet, and down around to the left and there will a group of Dosantats, take them out or just run past them and a short distance on the left you’ll see the nest. When fighting these beast it’s best to take out the spitting ones first.

With all the nest destroyed and the note from the cave you can now go and confront the missionaries.

Next the family of the deceased has to be notified so go back to the village and talk to the brother and sister.

And finally go and talk to Catasach and he’ll agree to travel to New Serene and you’ll automatically be transported there. A cut scene will play.

The quest ends and you’ll earn 2000 xp

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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