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Greedfall The Trial Of The Waters


Hello everybody.

In this video I travel to The Hearts Gates and do the trail of the waters.

Before you can do this quest The Suffering of Constantin quest must be done first because you need Catascah’s seal to enter Glendan’s Abode.

The quest is started by talking to Constantin, when you do a cut scene will play and you’ll bring Constantin up to speed on the search for a cure. Constantin wants you to go find the god of many faces and because Catasach is there he tells you of a way and gives you his seal so you can go talk to Glendan.

Travel to The Hearts Gates and talk to Glendan, you’ll be stopped outside his abode but with the seal you’ll be able to enter. When you talk to Glendan a cut scene will start, Glendan will tell you that you that you have do a trial in a cavern and to tell him what you see on the seal that’s deep in it’s center. And when dealing with the beasts that guard it he says the simplest solution is not always the best and it’s a path with many forks. Now you can enter the cave but before you do consider how you will do the trail. When you ask Siora she’ll tell you that combat is not necessarily the best response and that you can alter the food that the beasts eat to make them fall into a deep sleep. So if you are going to take the stealth non combat approach you’ll have to craft some sleeping potion if you don’t already have some, this is what is needed, 1 hoof fungus, 1 inonotus hispidus, and 1 beast essence, and if you don’t have these you can always buy it from a merchant. If you’re going to fight everything you won’t need it.

The first group of beasts that you encounter are 3 Ulg’s eating an Andrig. This is where you’ll need the sleeping potion, pour it on the Andrig and the other beasts will fall asleep.

The next area has Donsantats hanging from the ceiling. The only way you ‘ll wake them up is to jump down and run,

The next area has a pool of water that you have to examine and some pillars surrounding it. After you examine the pool you’ll have to solve the mystery of the source. The mystery is not difficult to solve, just listen to his experience. Light the candles is the following sequence, Wind Stone, Ice Stone, Sun Stone and last the Water Stone. When you solve the mystery the guarding down below will go to sleep. In the video I said to go behind him to tame him but you can do it from the front, it’s just easier from behind.

The other way to get there is to climb the cliff but you’ll need vigor 3 to do it, either way leads to a fresco painted on the wall. After you examine the painting you’ll be transported to the outside of the cave. Go back to Glendan and tell him what you saw.

If you took the stealth route he’ll say to you… you choose to trust the way of ruse and wisdom. It is a difficult path but carries with it generous fruits. The island had seen your intelligence and also your compassion, and your friendship with Catasach no longer surprises him.

If you took the combat route he’ll say to you… you have given the blood of the animals that protect the entrance to the passage and have chose strength a first time. In the second room, you have awoken the Dosantats to better the best of them. Note- in the last room the only way I could fight the guardian was to not solve the mystery.

And in the end you have forgotten the ritual and confronted the guardian, this says many things about you. You have sided with strength but it’s a path that rarely leads to wisdom. The island saw your courage but also your brutality.

It’s probably better to do it in stealth.

The rest of the cut scene will play the same and in the end he tells you that you should talk to Derdre, Ullan and Dunncas if you want to find the high king.

The quest ends with you earning 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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