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Greedfall The Trial

Dr. Asili awaiting excution

Hello everybody

This is the trial of Dr. Asili so it’s easier to add Aphra to your team at the start because she’ll need to be there at the end.

First thing to do is go talk to the prosecutor whose office is on the east side of town. After going through the laboratory in the last quest you should have all the evidence against the Dr. all you need now is witnesses. The first witness to talk to is the naut, she is at the back of the port and you’ll have to defend her to keep her alive so when you get there run past the other attacker and go straight to her and defeat the attackers that are trying to kill her. Now that you’ve saved her she agrees to testify.

Next is the government lab. Go into the door on the right as you enter and talk to the scientist that you let go in the previous quest. Ask her all of the questions and she’ll agree to testify as well as analyze the powder that you found in the laboratory. Now head upstairs. As you go through the door go around to your right, and in the back room will be Dr. Onur’s old notes. Go back out and turn left, go through the door straight ahead. Once inside Dr. Onur will be on your left. At first he says he plans to testify in Dr. Asili’s defense so you’ll have to convince him. You’ll have 3 options, to flatter his pride you’ll need intuition 3 but since I had Aphra in the group I let her speak. If you don’t have Aphra then you can talk about his research that you found in the other room and he’ll agree to testify.

Next go back to the residence, once you get there you’ll notice that Aphra has to be spoken to, so question her and in the end she’ll agree to testify. Now travel to The Village of Vigshadhir and talk to Mev and the natives you set free and they’ll also agree to testify.

With all of the witnesses lined up to testify go back to Hikmet and talk with the prosecutor. After you tell her about all of the witnesses and the black powder she’ll say we can go to trial with confidence now so you can start the trial.

You’ll appear at the palace after the trial and a cut scene will play, when it’s over exit the palace and attend the execution with Aphra.

That’s it you’ll earn 2200 xp

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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