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Greedfall The Vices of the Mother Cardinal

San Matheus Palace

Hello everybody.

This quest is started by talking to Petrus some time after you first meet him.

He says he wants to get some dirt on the Mother Cardinal to help Constantin when he has to deal with her. This will involve searching all 3 floors of the palace. De sardet is apprehensive about searching the palace and Petrus suggests dressing up as servants. The servants clothes can be bought from the merchant in the main square across from the palace, they are not called servants clothes however, what you want to buy is 3 comfortable vests.

The first room to search is her bedroom on the 3rd floor, on her night table is a note from a servant detailing the repairs that had to be made to the basement room after it was damaged by her guests.

The room in the basement has an office that’s locked so unless you have lock picking 3 you’ll need the key. The key is on a serving table in her office which is through the double doors that are on the left of the Mother Cardinal.

Now you can head to the basement but before you enter change into the comfortable vests. The room in the basement is dimly lit, the main area has 2 locations to examine, the second produces an earring. Petrus calls it junk and says it’s something a courtesan would wear, so there’s a clue where else to search.

The office has Mother Cardinal Cornella’s account book that mentions a money lender called ” The Magpie ” and a certain ” Candy Cane ”

Now there are 3 places to visit and on the video I said I didn’t think it made any difference but as it turns out the order that I did it in was better as far as the money lender is concerned.

The next place after the palace is the tavern. Go downstairs and talk to the pimp, he wants you to pay to gather your information, so it’ll either cost you 50 coin or if you have intuition 1 Petrus will be able to get you in for free. The first individual , to the right of the pimp in the corner says the earring is not hers and that’s all the questions she’s prepared to answer. The next individual says the earring is hers so after moving to a more private space she’s willing to answer your questions. After all the questions you are no farther ahead, it’s not until the successful use of charisma that she tells you that she recognized the money lender at one of these party’s. To get to the money lender from the tavern go down the stairs to the right and turn left, run until you get to a tower with a fire at the top, turn left and keep to the right and run until you get to another tower with a fire at the top and his office is just to the right. With the information you gained with the use of charisma the money lender will give up right away and tells you what he knows about the Mother Cardinal and Candy Cane. If your charisma didn’t work then you want to pretend that the Mother Cardinal sent you and he’ll confirm that the Mother Cardinal deals with him and with Candy Cane. If you don’t pretend to be sent and ask about Mother Cardinal and Candy Cane he’ll say you ask too many questions and you’ll have to defeat his 3 associates that are outside. What ever you decide to do you’ll have to visit Candy Cane next. He’s not there in the day so sleep till night time. To find Candy Cane from the residence take the road to the right as you leave the residence and then left down the stairs, keep going around to the right and then turn left and go through the arch way at the lit lantern turn right, keep going till you see a set of stairs on your right, go up one set turn right again and go up one more set of stairs and Candy Cane will be to your left at the top.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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  1. Kate December 17, 2021

    THANK YOU for this! I could not understand how to get inside that door in the basement, thanks to your guide I found the key!

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