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Greedfall Theological Conflicts

Eugenia and Virgil

Hello everybody

In this video I travel into the swamp to look for the missing theologians and help the people left at the camp.

The quest begins when you talk to Brother Casparus in Eden camp. He’ll ask for help with Brother Fidelis who has returned from the swamp to summon help but is unconscious from being bitten by a swamp crature. Siora says a healer from the area would know of an antidote and suggests you talk to Ler, he’ll tell you to go see Vindwal for an antidote. Vindwal gives you the antidote because you helped her son join a new clan. When you enter the building to give Brother Fidelis the antidote a cut scene will play and when it’s over Brother Fidelis marks the location of the camp on your map.

As you leave the swamp Sanctuary Camp go left and there will be a way into the swamp that was closed before follow the path and you’ll end up at the camp. As you arrive a cut scene will play where Eugenia and Virgil are arguing, after the cut scene you have to question Eugenia and virgil, they both talk about missing people and Virgil says they are dead and he also tells you where you should be looking. The path that you have to take is just to the right of the path you arrive on. On top of the little hill is a camp site. The excavation site is down the hill on the other side of the camp site. There’s a body at the bottom and there is an option to use science to examine it, I don’t know the difference between just examining and using science, I’m assuming that science would give you more info.

To get to the next are turn right as you approach the camp site, you can see 2 beasts that are below a ledge you can jump down from but there is also a path that goes around so you can avoid then by sneaking past and the second area will be just past the 2 beasts on the right. There are 6 Brass Tenlans that will overwhelm you easily but you can go into the pit and around to the other side if you need room to recover.

As you leave the second area turn right and follow the path and you will come to a little hill with 2 Lanvras. This area is small with not much room to operate in, so I was able to sneak behind one of them and although the sneak attack didn’t kill it it took about half of it’s health. With these beasts the gun is my primary weapon of choice.

After the examination of the 3 bodies it’s clear that they were murdered and made to look like an accident. When you confront Virgil he’ll eventually confess. You’ll have 3 choices, one of the 3 is to accept a bribe, I only pay bribes. I could’ve revealed what happened to everyone but in the end I ordered him to leave the expedition. The quest ends when you inform Eugenia of Virgils plot to murder her colleagues and blame the natives and discredit her. You’ll receive a reward in your chest and earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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