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Greedfall Treason part 1


Hello everybody.

The Princes Secret quest ends when you talk to Constantin and tell him you were able to get the whole story from the Admiral. When the conversation ends the quest ends and Kurt walks in and the Treason quest begins.

What happens now depends on what your relationship with Kurt is and if did the companion quests. I had to fight with Kurt in one of my practice runs and after beating him he shot himself. When I made this video I had completed all of Kurt’s companion quests so Kurt doesn’t take part in the coup and instead helps you, so when all the talking is done you’ll have to pick another companion besides Kurt, I stuck with Siora.

Now You’ll have to escort Constantin, Sir de Courcillion, and the Advisor into the cellar.

I started upstairs with Mr. de Courcillion. Normally he’s in his office but this time he’s in his bed room. When you leave with him to go to the cellar you’ll be met with about 4 guards, there wasn’t a gunner in this group so if you keep your distance and attack in a measured way you should be able to defeat them. Just a note about loot, there is so much loot that if you took everything you would be over weight in no time.

The next group of 5 guards is at the bottom of the stairs. If you can throw bombs then this would be the time to use them ,that gives Kurt and Siora time to make it to the bottom of the stairs, if you don’t have bombs then probably what will happen is that some of the guards will go up the stairs and Kurt and Siora will fight them while you are fighting at the bottom of the stairs. Continue through the main room and on the stairs and on the main floor will be another 5 guards. The Advisor’s office is through the double doors on the right just before the exit. When you leave with the Advisor you’ll be met with 3 guards, this is a smaller area but no gunner so that makes it easier. Now on your way to the cellar you’ll have to take out another 4 guards, I got one by stealth and the basement has lots of room to move around and again no gunner. When Constantin and crew are in the room in the cellar the next stop is Lady Morange.

When you leave the Lady there will be 3 guard to deal with, now it’s on to the messenger who is standing at the gate by the tavern. When you talk to him he wont want to leave so I did the guaranteed thing to work and bribed him and he leaves for Hikmet.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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