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Greedfall Treason part 2

Commander Torsten

Hello everybody.

In this video I send the messenger to San Matheus, arrest Torsten and take care of his 3 Lieutenants.

As the video starts you’ll see a group of guards standing in front of the tavern, take them out and go behind the tavern to the other city gate and send the messenger to San Matheus. After the messenger is sent on his way de Sardet will suggest going through the taverns kitchen to go after the lieutenants , that’s where you want to go. A note on the group of guards standing in front of the barracks, they deal huge damage and there’s no need to take them so you can just ignore them. In order to take care of the 3 Lieutenants and arrest Torsten this is how I did it. Go through the kitchen, as you try to go downstairs you’ll be stopped by Lieutenant Rein so you’ll have to bribe him 50 coin. The first Lieutenant will be Werner and your choices will be intuition, allow Kurt to speak or engage in combat. I pretty sure if you engage in combat you’ll have to defeat all present. I used my intuition for this one and only had to fight Werner.

In the next room is Lieutenant Olga, this time your choices are a bribe or charisma so if your charisma isn’t 100 % just offer them a bribe and the soldiers will put down their weapons so you’ll only have to fight Olga.

Upstairs will be Lieutenant Ludger, this is the only time I had to fight them all, there may be a way to convince his men to surrender but I didn’t find it so I took them all out. Next search Torsten’s office which is to the right as you exit the room and at the end of the hall. In his office you’ll find a letter form Werner to Torsten detailing his escape plan.

Now go back downstairs and out through the front doors, a cut scene will play after which you’ll have to defeat Torsten and crew. This group also deal a lot of damage so keep your distance and use your gun and bombs if you have them. Once Torsten’s health is low another cut scene will play and when it ends you’ll be in the jail and Torsten will be locked up.

All that remains is to tell the ailing Constantin that the commander and his lieutenants have been arrested.

With this quest completed you can now do the contraband and other side quests.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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