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Greedfall Trouble in Eden

Father Lustinius

Hello everybody

This is the first video in the side quest the origins of Theleme. The quest is started by visiting the Mother Cardinal. When to visit her? I went back to an earlier save to check which quests I had completed and I was able to start the quest after doing the Inquisition side quest.

After speaking with the Cardinal head back to the residence and travel to Black Lands and the Eden camp site. What follows is a thorough questioning of the people of the camp trying to learn what happened to the stolen tablets and the story of Eden starting with Father Lustinius. The other theologians you have to question are Sister Eugenia and Brother Virgil. You pretty much have to ask them every question that’s in your dialogue options that’s why I had to question Sister Eugenia and Virgil again. After you talk to Virgil you can go and inspect the building that the tablets were stolen from. I could have spoken to the man kneeling beside the door ,Brother Fidelis. It’s not necessary to speak to him, all he says is that the tablets must be retrieved by force if necessary. Next is the former chief Ler he’ll tell you the history of Eden camp. Now I had to visit Father Lustinius a second time only to get his version of the history of the camp. The same thing with Virgil so when you are talking to these people keep asking them questions until the leave option appears. During the second visit I had a green 1 for intuition to ask him about his mission with the natives so you find out that he belongs to the Ordo Luminis and all he’s interested in is converting the whole island. After all that you can now go back to Ler and tell him you believe that the exiles are responsible for the theft. Ler doesn’t agree with you one way or the other so a dialogue window appears, you could provoke, use charisma or threaten. My charisma was only at 50% but it worked. If try to provoke he only agrees with you and if you threaten him with the inquisition you’re reputation with Siora will go down 1. Which ever way you do it Ler gives you the name of the woman Vindwal so now you can finally go and and accuse her of stealing the tablets, she’ll deny it so once again I have the option to use my intuition and she tells you where the exiles are and which way to go if you don’t want to be seen.

Now from the Eden camp camp site travel to the swamp entrance camp site, go up the hill and follow the path on the right. when you get to a ledge to jump down there will be 3 paths, one on the left, one in the middle and one on the right. So sneak down the path on the right. You have the option of just getting the tablets and returning them to the Eden and that’ll shorten the quest or do what I did on the video and talk to the exiles. When you talk to Bran you’ll have 3 options charisma, offer something or threaten, charisma might work and threaten will lead to you defeating them so I chose to offer something. From the swamp entrance travel the Vedleug and talk to Derdre about accepting the exiles, at first she refuses but if you insist she’ll change her mind. Now travel back to the exiles ,but this time take the path on the left and collect all the traps, and tell Bran that the exiles can join Derdre’s clan and he’ll let you take the tablets.

The quest ends back at the camp when you tell Sister Eugenia that the tablets have been retrieved. 1300 xp and 50 coin.

There was too much dialogue for my liking but in the end a simple quest to complete.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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