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Greedfall Vasco companion quest Forever a Naut

In taking it to the Nadaig Glendeman

Hello everybody

In this video I go with Vasco to help him prove his loyalty to the Admiral.

After speaking with the Admiral you have to travel to The Singing Waters to the village of Wenshaveye. From there follow your compass down to the shore but beware of the Dosantats , or the flying menace like I call them.

If you were in this area before there was a timber blocking access to this path. Make your way up the path and take care of the 5 beasts. Beyond the beasts on the left is an entrance to a cave that comes out on the other side to the shore. Inside the cave are more Dosantats hanging from the ceiling, or back as it’s called in the mining industry, so if you want to avoid them just sneak past.

On the other side is the shipwreck and there are a few things to investigate. After you examine all the clues near the ship there will be one more clue inside another little cave but there is a rock monster that’s blocking the entrance. I don’t think there’s any way to sneak past so you’ll have to fight it. This beast has an attack where it burrows underground and moves around so you can’t get hit too many times. I think I got hit more times than not and every time I got hit I either took a health or magic healed. This beast also will shoot a magic shot at you, they’re a little easier to avoid . I used the gun whenever I had the chance and fury strikes. There’s a rock in the middle that you can round around if you need to get away from the monster and take a health.

After the monster is defeated and you have the Captains Journal from the cave you have to return to the Admiral. When you go back through the cave turn left and go up the hill and get the skill from the altar. I guess I did this kind of backwards by getting the skill after the fight when I could’ve went to the top of the hill first and then entered the cave, although I don’t know how much difference it would’ve made.

After briefing the Admiral with what you discovered you’ll have to accompany Vasco to the tattoo artist so he can get yet another tattoo on his face. You’ll earn 1600 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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