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Greedfall Vasco companion quest


Hello everybody

In this video help Vasco learn his family name.

This little quest involves getting into the harbor office to obtain Vasco’s personal file. If you want to fulfill all the objectives then you’ll have to go to the vendor and buy some some sleeping potion which is listed under the quest items. Now you have to go and talk to Dieter and get him to spike the wine that’s delivered to the Naut warehouse every night. When it comes time to ask him to take the sleeping potion and spike the wine you’ll have, at least I did, 2 options, charisma and bribe. My charisma was at 75% which seems pretty high but it’s not guaranteed to work so to make sure I bribed him. Once he agrees he’ll take the sleeping potion and tell you that the delivery will be seasoned.

Now you have to go to the entrance to the harbor and wait for night. A cut scene will play and when it’s finished it will be time for you to enter the warehouse. In order to fulfill all objectives put on a sailors coat.

To get into the warehouse go down the ramp and over the wall that’s on your right, this will bring you to the rear of the warehouse. The door that you have to enter through is locked. Keep going past the door and you’ll find the key on a box next to the fence. You could also pick the lock if you have lock pick 2. Inside everyone is sleeping. The chest that has Vasco’s file is upstairs in the back room. All that’s left is to return to Vasco and give him the file. A cut scene will play and in the end you’ll earn 1000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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