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Greedfall Vinbarr’s Sanctuary

Statue of the Mountain Guardian

Hello everybody.

In this video I make my way through the passage and end up at the entrance of Vinbarr’s Santuary.

Just inside the entrance there is some ore and loot. On the upper level is more ore and across the log bridge is a stone chest with some coins, potion, ammo, and nightshade berries.

As you enter the passage, cave system of sorts, there will be 4 tenlans. To the right is a pool of water. One of the tenlans usually walks back and forth but when I made the video no suck luck. You’ll be able to walk right across the pool, but if the tenlan didn’t walk across that means it’s at the end on the other side of the water falls. In the middle of the pool on the right is a narrow passage that leads to some loot. In the video it looked like I didn’t get anything. Back in the pool, backtrack to the entrance and take out the 4 tenlans. I got a stealth attack on one of them so that left 3 to deal with. There’s lots of room to move if you need get away and heal.

Moving on once you climb the ladder there will be 3 spitting tenlans and 1 yorglan at the end of the tunnel. It is possible to sneak past but that wasn’t the case when I made the video. Now climb the ladder and you’ll see the mountain guardian statue. Before you reach the opening, you can see this on the map, there is a tunnel on the right. At the end will be a wall that you have to blow up. Inside there is a stone chest with coins , ammo, and a scouts tunic.

Back in the main tunnel with the statue in front of you there’s a path on the left and right. If you go to the right there will be an extra beast Lewoilg that oozes poison, beyond that are 3 Sulphurous Lewolan’s. If you go left you’ll bypass the poison beast and you’ll still be able to land a stealth attack on one of the Sulphurous Lewolan’s.

I went right and I was able to land a stealth attack on the poison beast and then a fury attack so it didn’t take long to finish it off. You don’t want to take too long or it will poison you to death.

Down in the next area are 3 Sulphurous Lewolan’s who do a lot of damage. I was able to land a stealth attack so that got one of them down to just over half health. From a distance I used magic bombs and my gun for the most part to deal with these 3 deadly beasts. Look around the area for loot, I noticed that I missed some.

Again there is a tunnel on the left and right. Both will get you there but if you take the tunnel on the right, be careful when you jump down, if you’re too noisy 2 Yorglans and 1 spitting tenlan will appear, sneak across and climb up, this tunnel leads to another stone chest with coins , ammo, and some potion. Jump down and proceed to the exit, and travel to The Rocky Mounts.

You’ll appear in a mountain stream and there’s only one way to go. Follow the stream up and you’ll eventually reach an opening with Cera and her native friends. As you enter the opening a cut scene will start. It turns out that Cera won’t let you pass. The cut scene ends and now you’ll have to defeat Cera and the other natives. Your reputation with the natives will go down. Collect all the loot form the natives, Cera has the second seed that you’ll need to open the root door. The first seed was in a stone chest at the second painting in the cave of knowledge. There’s also more loot on the right side of the opening across a log bridge.

After defeating Cera climb the ledge and continue following the path. The path will eventually go up to the right with a ledge to climb on the right and on the left a gap to jump over. Go left and collect the professors note and then break the wall and collect the skill from the alter.

Now jump down and go back around and climb the ledge. Up there is the campsite and the root door. There are 2 stone alters. Place a seed on each alter and the root door will open. When the door opens the quest will end. You’ll earn 2000 xp.

Thanks for watching and happy gaming

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