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Jefferson Rail Tunnel Ambush Camp

The Heart of the camp

Hello everybody.

This is another optional mission to clear the ambush camp located northeast of the Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint. As you travel there it’s best to stay off of the main roads to avoid snipers, so once you are past Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint follow the rail line until you reach the rail bridge. The road to the ambush camp is on the other side of the bridge on your right, following this path keeping left will bring you to the entrance.

The main path winds it’s way through the camp and ends at the heart of the camp at the top. There are several elevated guard posts along the path as well as tripwires and bear traps. Using a combination of luring them to my position with rocks and placing traps in their path I was able to eliminate half of the marauders from my initial position. I then advanced to the top of the complex to the left to the main building, on the way there I took out 2 marauders via stealth attack. From my position in the bushes at the top I could see at least 4 marauders on the top and second levels. I took out all of the remaining marauders except 1 with stealth attacks.

Now is a good time to explore the camp and collect the loot, there’s a building on the lower left side of the camp that I didn’t go to in the video where there’s a gas can, a melee weapon , ammo , and Molotov crafting material.

The entrance to the bunker is by the back left corner of the building at the top. Inside you’ll get anther map with the locations of another infestation zone and a Nero checkpoint , the mission will be complete, you’ll earn some trust with Copeland, and the ambush camp hunter story line will be updated.

Thanks for watching , God Bless and happy gaming.

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