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Notch Silky Pole Saw In Action 2022

That’s me with the saw

Hello everybody.

My old pole saw that I bought years ago was not cutting anymore and it didn’t have the reach so I started looking for a new one. My son showed me some videos of Silky saws and said ” if you want the best pole saw get a Silky”. I bought this Notch Silky pole saw last year in 2021 to cut some high branches from a birch tree that was beside my driveway preparing it to be cut down. The tree that I was cutting down in the video is called a Linden tree, it had a single trunk but branched out into 7 smaller trunks. The tree was located close the house and sauna and taking it down in one shot was not an option. I took off most of the branches with the pole saw until all that remained was the lower section of the tree. Once I got it to that condition I was able to use my chain saw to cut the individual trunks, with ropes attached for some, until there was just the main trunk left which was less than 6 feet high. With all of the felling I didn’t damage the house or any of the out buildings. The last trunk grazed a small fence which took minor damage. The Silky saw allowed me to stay on the ground to do all of the cutting and I couldn’t have done this big job without it. Like I said on the video I give this pole saw a 10 out of 10. One thing to watch out for is to try to keep the saw from getting caught in the branch as it’s coming down. Other than that it’s an awesome saw.

Thanks for watching, God Bless and happy sawing.

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