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Preventing Coffee Grinder From Sliding

My Peugeot Freres Coffee Grinder

Hello everybody.

Here’s something a little different. I got this manual coffee grinder for Christmas about 2 years ago. This coffee grinder can be adjusted to produce grinds from supper coarse to very fine , also there is a correlation between type of roast and how hard it will be to grind and it goes like this, the darker the roast the softer the bean, the easier to grind. I had some coffee that was sent to me as a gift that was very lightly roasted and it was so hard, that grinding it even on coarse , I didn’t attempt to grind it for fear of breaking the grinder . The subject of this video is grinding medium roast coffee to a fine consistency that’s suitable for espresso makers. I made this video in response to a question that I received about how I hold the coffee grinder and keep it from moving all over the counter. Previously I had ground espresso grind and found it very difficult with the main problem of how to keep it still while grinding. The solution that I came up with is to use a silicon baking mat to sit the coffee grinder on. The silicon mat oddly enough has an adhesive quality to it and helps to hold it still. You could also use shelf and drawer liner, I haven’t tested this but I think it will work the same and it’s a lot cheaper than the baking mat.

What I like about this grinder is the locking ring that’s on the adjustment shaft. It makes it very easy to go from espresso grind where the burr is all the way at the top and back to coarse grind where it’s then locked into place. Also you have to keep in mind the capabilities of the grinder, what I mean by this is that if you can’t grind something just by holding it then it’s probably too hard for the grinder. I wouldn’t make it any more secure than what the baking mat or drawer liner do.

I have links on YouTube for the baking mat and the shelf and drawer liners.

That’s it God Bless and happy grinding

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