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Prey 3 treasure hunt numbers and the cargo bay

Hello everybody

I missed the treasure hunt number locations so I put the cargo bay on hold so I could back track and investigate the number locations. The first one was back down in the water treatment facility kind of in plain sight on the wall around the corner from the recycler. The second one I went to was in crew quarters in the room with the recycler which I was in numerous times but I guess you have to look at it for a few seconds to get the investigation complete.

The cargo bay has a phantom just about right on the other side of the door but there are totes that you can hide behind. Once the phantom is dispatched you can explore unhindered and the whistle blower  quest is completed when you gain access to the cargo container. There is another 2 neuromods in the container as well.

The G.U.T.S. can be accessed from the cargo bay through a maintenance hatch  and I have to say that the Q-Beam riffle once upgraded is a powerful weapon indeed. Once inside the G.U.T.S. you can do the ” trouble processing ” quest  by activating the G.U.T.S. processing and then traveling back into the cargo bay and activating the cargo bay processing and then you can travel back to the G.U.T.S. and collect some loot.

The third treasure map number is on  the cargo bay wall and I went by it numerous times and I finally realized it  near the end of my exploring.

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