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Prey arboretum to shuttle

Hello everybody

Went back to my office to talk to Dr. Igwe but first I had to deal with a nightmare and in most cases you can just  wait till the timer runs out.

With the nightmare gone  I started to make my way back to the office but I stopped in at the trauma center on the way and found a whole bunch of military operators. Turned out to be an ambush .

In my office after talking with Igwe I went to the shuttle bay, which was full of  enemy units. When the cost was clear I went into the info booth to get ready to go upstairs. As soon as you arrive upstairs there will be a military operator somewhere in the area and it seems that the operators just keep coming. To the left of the gravlift is Mia Bayers office which contains some loot and a safe. Lots of operators await on the outside of the office. When I got a brake from the constant operator deployment I jumped over to flight control and there are 2 operators in there but there is a small catwalk on the other side of the room where you can regroup. With this spot to retreat to eventually I got the room cleared.

There are many ways to get to the shuttle, the way I chose was to go up to the roof of  flight control and jump down to the shuttle.

Thanks for watching

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