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Prey bridge and escape pod bay

Hello everybody

Nearing the end of the game now so I checked out the bridge and escape pod bay.

Before I left deep storage I triggered the remaining mimics and let my turret take care of them because as you near the end you’ll have to start to conserve ammo or you’ll run out because you won’t have the raw material to make more, at least that how it’s going for me.

As soon as I entered the bridge there was a couple of mimics that spawned and I wasn’t  quite quick enough to get the turret repaired and set up, but the gloo cannon and wrench did the job.

On the bridge there are a couple of phantoms so I immobilized them with the gloo cannon while the turret hammered them with bullets.

The safe in the briefing room had a couple of neuromods so worth getting and even though it was a level one hack I just barely did it. Else where in the room is a lot of other loot.

Upstairs in the captains loft I met a mimic right away, but I used the gloo cannon and wrench like at the start of the game. I destroyed the shuttle Advent, I just couldn’t take a chance, there could’ve been mimics onboard.

Last of all I went down to the escape pod bay. Nothing much to it, I found the imposter cook in one of the escape pods but you can’t get too close or you will die, so one shot was all it took. Inside the pod, another 2 neuromods plus other loot.

Thanks for watching


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