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Prey cargo bay restore power and open cargo bay B

Hello everybody

Before going to the power control room hack into the computer that’s in shipping and receiving and you’ll be able to get into the 2  storage cages and there should be a turret in one of the cages.

I had to access the power control room through the fuel storage bay. There is leaking fuel that has to be avoided and in the control room there are minics that can surprise you. Once the power is restored you’ll be able to use the recycler and fabricator, and then you can make some turrets, you only need 3 but I made and extra. When all the turrets are in place and you talk to Elazar  you get the code to open the door. I just used the Gloo cannon to immobilize what ever was on the other side of the door and let the turrets do their thing.

I guess I could’ve just entered the container numbers into the computer and opened them that way but I just hacked into them, anyhow there’s quite a bit of loot in cargo bay B and when it’s all collected you can head back into Life Support. Life support will be re-populated phantoms , mimics and corrupted operators so be careful.

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