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Prey clearing fabrication section

Hello everybody

I accessed fabrication through a maintenance hatch which is in the room to the left just inside the entrance to volunteer quarters. I didn’t spend a lot of time looking around the quarters as my inventory was pretty much full and if you stay in there long enough a poltergeist will appear and you’ll want to save your  ammo for fabrication .

Once you’re inside the hatch jump up to the ledge above which leads to a room on the second floor of fabrication,  there are a couple of mimics inside  and corrupted operators outside. When you can move without being seen go the the other side on the room where there is hole in the wall that you can jump through. That’ll take you into the room below where there is a recycler. Repair the recycler and you are in business. You can stage your attacks from there and circle around when you need to evade the technopaths attacks which can be far reaching. There are also 2 or 3 corrupted operators that you’ll have to deal with. Explosive canisters are pretty effective, so I used then at the beginning to soften it up and then EMP charges to stun and with 4 shot gun blasts. Don’t get greedy or it will kill you. Once the technopath is neutralized you can explore the facility freely. You’ll need leverage II to be able to lift the grate and access the tunnel below in the recycler room. Then it’s just the office upstairs.

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