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Prey Dr Calvino part 2

Hello everybody

Making my way to Dr. Calvino which requires a space walk. With the  propulsion system donned exit through the air lock and the area you want to travel to is just up and to the right, don’t venture too far cause there are operators patrolling the exterior. The safe requires hacking 3 so getting into that safe will have to wait. Collect all the spare parts and repair the breach fail safe. When you enter back into the machine shop there may be a phantom present so enter cautiously. The beams and waves lab is where the Q-beam gun is but  in it’s base configuration it’s not very effective but might be useful later. Once the connection to the looking glass in restored you can head back to the office and finish watching the video. New phantom are in the hardware labs again so you can’t just run back to the office like I was going to do. Sometimes you can sneak part them saving ammo in the process. Back in the lobby I took an indirect route to the office to avoid the phantoms.

Thanks for watching

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