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Prey escaping deep storage and Grant Lockwood

Hello everybody

Now that the backup drive is mounted I can download the plan for the arming key. To exit from deep storage we have to travel to the outside. The weaver in the data vault room  is easy enough to take out with the Q-Beam but you have to repair the electrical panel or it will kill you. Once the room was explored and access was granted from Sho’s computer, and there is a neuromod on the floor near the shelving unit, I could exit and travel to the cargo bay,

I first went after Grant Lockwood which was far away so in the video I skipped ahead and /or sped up the play back. On the way to the cargo bay I ran into a technopath which I might’ve been able to go around but I took it out so it would come after me.

To rescue Dr. Igwe you need the cargo container number and then you can dock it in the cargo bay and this will create an entrance into the interior. Before I entered the cargo bay interior I went into the room to the right and hacked into the safe which has a fabrication plan for a turret, if you don’t get this now you’ll have to come back outside before you can continue after you talk with Elazar


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